Spotlight Cabaret is a restaurant, bar, rooftop patio, and live venue that showcases comedy, music, dance, drag, improv, sketch, film and theatre.

Spotlight celebrates the era of cultural refinement, social elegance and general prosperity of the 1920s. The “Roaring 20s” will be reignited as we model our restaurant on the art deco style establishments of Old Hollywood and Classic New York. We serve superb cuisine and drink in an unforgettable atmosphere of rich culture and effervescence.

On our main floor, our unique, curved stage hosts the BEST Edmonton has to offer in terms of theatre, comedy, burlesque, drag and music.  As demonstrated by our amazing shows and incredible performers, Spotlight Cabaret celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and body positivity.

You can also head up to Spotlight’s large roof top patio that serves you up big sky, sunshine and slush, every nice day we get!

The Ownership Team

The beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Jeff and Aimée had been searching for two years for the perfect venue for their Cabaret concept. An interest in an alternate location in the Whyte Ave neighborhood prompted Jeff to call his cousins, Brian, Wayne and Neal, and respectfully ask for their blessing to open up a new restaurant concept close to theirs. They of course gave Jeff their warmest congrats and blessing to join the neighborhood. A couple conversations and a few days later, they realized, the time to rebrand O2’s on Whyte was now, why not partner with Jeff and Aimée and ignite the Spotlight Cabaret concept inside their fantastic Whyte Ave location? A deal was made and the renovations began!

The Seifeddine Brothers • Owners

Jeff Halaby • Owner/Operator

Jeff is an actor/writer/improviser/dancer/singer coming into this business with over 21 years experience as a business owner. Jeff was part owner and operator of Louisiana Purchase in downtown Edmonton. During his time there, the restaurant was featured on You Gotta Eat Here, The Food Network, made the list of the Top 100 Restaurants in Canada (Open Table), and received multiple Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Awards. Jeff is currently co-owner/operator of Lacombe Parks Spirits in St. Albert which is a multiple award winner in several categories, St. Albert’s Favourite Liquor Store, Best Beer Store, Best Wine Store…the list goes on! Before becoming a successful restauranteur, Jeff went to theatre school at Grant Macewan and was a realtor for 8 years. Jeff is an AMPIA and Sterling Nominated actor and Gemini Nominated writer for television having starred in the sketch comedy TV show Caution: May Contain Nuts for the last 12 years. Caution was born from the original subversive sketch troupe Blacklisted, which was legendary in its day and Jeff was proud to be a founding member. Jeff has three beautiful children, Noelle, Phoenix and Vincent who he loves dearly.

Aimée Beaudoin • Owner/Operator

Aimée is an actor/writer/stand-up/improviser/singer/dancer with 20 years experience in the entertainment industry.  Aimée has founded, produced, and directed many shows across Alberta and in Vancouver, her improv show “Sin Peaks” was called “the best comedy Vancouver has to offer” by Vancouver Weekly. Aimée is a four time Canadian Comedy Award Nominee, Gemini nominated, and AMPIA nominated writer and performer. Aimée can be seen on TV in Hell on Wheels, Wynonna Earp and Caution: May Contain Nuts.  This born and raised Edmontonian loves spending time with her Mom and niece Elizabeth walking their dogs in the river valley. Aimée is also an avid snowboarder, horror movie buff, and foodie.

Chanel Larmand • Head Chef

Born and Raised in Edmonton, Chanel is a red seal chef with over 16 years in the hospitality industry. Growing up, Chanel was inspired by her parents who loved to cook and encouraged her to help out in the kitchen. By age 12, she was preparing her own meals inspired by television chefs including Anthony Bourdain and Morimoto from Iron Chef.

After working in all areas of the hospitality industry including front of the house, catering, and back of the house, Chanel realized that the kitchen was where she belonged. At age 24, after working as a cook in the oilsands for a number of years, Chanel made the decision to study and challenge her red seal exam without any formal training or education; needless to say, she passed with flying colors and received her Red Seal Chef designation.

Beyond Spotlight, Chanel aspires to continue growing in the hospitality industry, and has future plans to expand her love of charcuterie and wine into a personal catering business; working with other local entrepreneurs, Chanel aims to provide specialty charcuterie appetizers and desserts for groups of all sizes. Outside of her work, Chanel enjoys trying all the new restaurants Edmonton has to offer, cooking meals and entertaining for her friends, indulging with a glass of wine (or two!), and binge watching some Netflix with her two cats.

Safe Space Policy

Spotlight Safe Space Policy
You are responsible for the energy you bring into this space.
1. Respect others’ physical and emotional boundaries.
2. Respect others’ identities and backgrounds, including pronouns (He/Him, They/Them, She/Her) and preferred names.
3. Spotlight Cabaret’s two restrooms are both open to he/him, she/her and they/them presenting individuals.
3. Do not assume or make judgments on anyone’s gender identity, sexual preference, survivor status, health status, economic status, religion, background, beliefs, opinions, etc.
4. Be aware that your actions and words may have unintended effects on other people and that their feelings are valid, regardless of your intentions.
5. Assume positive intent. If someone does or says something that crosses a boundary, gently let them know, but do not assume they intended harm. Communication does not equal confrontation. If you still feel unsafe, let a manager know ASAP.
6. If you witness any abusive or inappropriate behaviour, let a manager know ASAP.
7. Remember, we are all human, we are all learning, we are all growing.

Spotlight Cabaret is an energetic performance space, restaurant, bar and rooftop patio that is locally owned and operated. We strive to be a safe space for everyone who enters. If you have any questions or concerns please ask to speak to the management team. We are learning and doing our best, this is a living document.  Thank you for your support.

Spotlight Cabaret