Friday Day Patio Reservation Up To 6:30pm

Friday Day Patio Reservation Up To 6:30pm

Date/Time: Aug 25 @ 12:00am


Thank you for choosing Spotlight Cabaret!  If you would like to reserve a party of up to 25 people on a Friday up to 6:30pm on our rooftop patio you are on the right page.  This reservation page acts like a ticket ordering page but the tickets are $0.00 as it is free to make a reservation on our patio Friday up to 6:30pm. *Excluding Couches.  Couches may be available but there are no guarantees.

Please reserve your spots below.  IN the NOTES tell us what TIME you are coming and any other details we may need.

If you do not arrive within 10 minutes of the reservation time you will forfeit your table.

If you’re trying to reserve on the same day, cutoff is at 5pm.  If it’s after 5pm on the day you want to reserve please give us a call at 780-760-0202

There will be an 18% gratuity added on your bill.  If your reservation is for more than 25 people please email


Bookings are closed for this event.

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