Luv Sux – Tina Burner

Luv Sux - Tina Burner

Date/Time: Feb 26 @ 9:00pm


Luv Sux

Sunday February 26th Doors 8:45pm Show 9:15pm

Monday Feb 27th Doors 6:30pm Show 7pm

During the cold winter months, I’m here to heat things up with my new, one-woman show LUV SUXI’m back at it again dealing with everyone’s “favorite” topic: LOVE. A combination of live singing, signature mixes, stand-up comedy, and costume reveals.  LUV SUX discusses topics ranging from the problems with online dating, sex, make ups and breakups proving that Disney has set us up for failure from day one. Featuring songs from Adele to Billy Joel, Celine Dion to Elton John, the Little Mermaid to Les Miserables, and more! Luv sux, and fortunately… so do I.


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