Weekend Patio Reservation 9:30pm-Late

Date/Time: Sep 8 @ 9:30pm


Thank you for choosing to hold your party at Spotlight Cabaret.  In order to make a reservation in our VIP Couch area on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night we require a $10 cover charge for each guest.  We also require Bottle Service as part of your reservation with a minimum order of one bottle per table. Each table holds 5-10 people based on limited availabilty.  Tables of over 10-20 people require a minimum order of two bottles. Tables over 20 people require a minimum order of 3 bottles.   Please choose bottles from our Bottle Service Menu here https://spotlightcabaret.ca/bottle-service-menu/ 

Bottle service is a fun way to share the patio experience with your friends and we will provide excellent service as you share in several toasts and have a blast as you party the night away.  Let us know in the “Notes” what bottle (s) you will be ordering and we will have them ready for you when you arrive.

The time of your reservation is very important, if your entire group does not arrive within 15 minutes of your reservation time you will forfeit your table space and cover charge.   Your reservation time is 9:30pm-Late.

There will be an 18% gratuity added to your bill.  The full food and beverage menu will be available for you to order in addition to your bottle service.  Bottle service is not included in your cover charge, you will be billed for bottles, and any additional food and drinks you order by your server on the night of your party.


Book Tickets

Ticket Type Price Spaces
Couch for Five People $10.00
Couch for 6 People $10.00
Couch for 7 People $10.00
Couch for 8 People $10.00
Couch for 9 People $10.00
Couch for 10 People $10.00
Couch Area for 15 People $10.00
Couch Area for 20 People $10.00
Couch Area for 25 People $10.00
Standard Ticket $0.00

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